Meet The Air Ductors!

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Meet The Air Ductors!

Jerry, the owner, is a veteran. He is patriotic down to his core. He is always looking for ways to improve and help our community. Jerry tries to help where ever he can: be it a school or youth sport fundraiser and church events.

Curtis was recently promoted to service tech. He is an expert welder, we can almost call him a magician! He loves music and he was in a metal band growing up. You can always catch him outdoors: fishing, camping and cruising with his metal detector.

Kyler is our lead service technician. He is a cowboy through and through... we can always count on him, he's always going above and beyond. (Even when he isn't so willing smile), it shows because our customers love him!

Monica aka "Momica" is our office assistant. She's the right hand and we wouldn't run without her. She is smart and dedicated and currently she is training for a new and amazing position of her very own department of sales.

Wayne is our lead man... skilled in just about everything! First on the scene and ready to lend a hand when anyone in the community needs help. He loves off roading and is really good at photography.

Jimmy came to HDAD about 7 months ago to train to be a servicetech with no experience in the HVAC world. In only a short few months with in house training at “Cooler University“ he has become quite competent with cooler and is beginning to train on A/C and heating systems.

We acquired Adrien from the retail world 2 months ago and is training to be a system installer. Adrien would show up early in our office several times a week to check on the status of his resume. Adrien has shown a ton of initiative in researching our industry. We are looking forward to realizing his full potential.

Liz is our bookkeeper and has really applied herself in learning her new position. Liz is eager to learn and works very well with our business development partners.Liz has a good sense of humor and is willing to pitch in however the company needs her to.

Richard is one of our system installers and has come along way since joining our team. Richard’s analytical thinking is a great fit in HDAD’s goal of being the best in our industry. Richard also brings a creative side as he enjoys helping to develop our website and is always giving input on stream lining processes.

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