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Air Balancing

What Is Air Balancing?

In a perfect world, if you set your thermostat to 72 F, every room in the home should be warmed or cooled to 72 F. Unfortunately, that’s not how that works. Many homeowners find that getting one room the right temperature leaves other rooms too hot or too cold. Sometimes, individual rooms never seem to match the temperature of the rest of the house.


Air balancing is the adjusting of an HVAC system so that every room in the house receives the right amount of conditioned air to be as comfortable as possible. It’s not unusual to need adjusting from time to time.

How To Know if Your Home Needs Air Balancing

A properly balanced forced-air HVAC system creates a pleasant living environment and runs more efficiently than an unbalanced one. Here are four signs that you need air balancing:

  • Persistent hot or cold spots in specific rooms

  • Heating or cooling bills that creep upward

  • Individual vents that struggle to feed air, even with the vent damper open

  • Temperature swings of more than two degrees between floors

Why Have Professionals Balance Your Air

High Desert Air Ductor is a reputable HVAC service provider that offers air balancing services to residential and commercial customers. The company uses advanced equipment and techniques to measure the airflow throughout the HVAC system and adjust the system accordingly. This process involves checking the ductwork for leaks, ensuring that the system is delivering the right amount of air to each room, and making adjustments to the system's components to ensure that the airflow is consistent and balanced throughout the building.

Air balancing done by a pro takes a more quantitative and holistic approach to air distribution throughout an HVAC system. When a professional HVAC technician air balances a system, they take specific measurements at each vent to diagnose potential issues. They’ll also look at the unit’s fan speed, dampers, and even ductwork size. For instance, large rooms may require more air volume, which could mean installing a larger vent and new, larger ductwork. Rooms on the end of the line may require more air pressure for conditioned air to reach them, resulting in smaller ductwork. A pro will examine the system and conduct tests and measurements to determine what can be done to optimize the air balance for your home.

The solution may involve just some damper adjustments, but it may also involve technical work such as adjusting fan speed, replacing supply lines with larger or smaller ductwork, installing dampers where none currently exist, or even a replacement of the HVAC unit itself.

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We can help determine if any area of your home has the wrong sized ducts or may need additional supply / return ducting

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