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What is an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation system?
Ultraviolet germicidal air irradiation (UVGI) improves indoor air quality (IAQ) by using ultraviolet light to kill germs, bacteria, and other airborne particulates that aggravate the respiratory system and cause illnesses.

UVGI systems are often used in places that require a higher level of germ eradication, like hospitals. They are also referred to as upper-room air UVGI systems because they shine ultraviolet light near the ceiling. That way, only a small portion of light shines into spaces where it’s installed, keeping occupants safe. Ultraviolet light has been used for disinfection for over a century. Today, UVGI systems are still useful, often installed into the HVAC systems of commercial and residential buildings.

How do UVGI lights contribute to Indoor Air Quality?
There are many IAQ products on the market, but UVGI is one of the most effective ones. A UVGI system is an air-cleaning technology proven to mitigate the risk of spreading viruses. The UV light effectively sterilizes microorganisms. Endorsed by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), UVGI is known for its ability to eliminate airborne infections.

As air circulates, airborne particles pass through the HVAC system and ductwork. While large particles get trapped in your air system, those that are microscopic can travel through the ductwork and into the environment. However, ultraviolet germicidal light stops tiny particles from passing through the HVAC system, thus providing you and your inhabitants with cleaner, healthier air. UVGI offers other advantages as well.

Energy Savings
UVGI improves the efficiency of your existing system. Because it performs at peak levels without working as hard, you ultimately save money on monthly utility bills, since your system doesn’t exhaust itself.

Minimal Maintenance
UVGI is continual maintenance to your HVAC system. As the UV lights shine on the critical configurations of your HVAC system, it keeps them clean year-round. UVGI constantly disinfects and removes mold within the system, which could cause allergy and asthma flare-ups.

Eliminates Use of Harsh Chemicals
Replace or reduce the use of harmful, toxic chemicals. UVGI eliminates the need to use bleach tablets in the drain pan. Plus, you no longer have to wait for the smell of harsh chemicals to dissipate before entering a room.

Consider the health of your family and your home
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports indoor air pollutant levels can be over 100 times higher than outdoor air. That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate a trusted and reliable air purifying system. UVGI offers a host of health benefits.

  • Lower chances of contracting and spreading airborne diseases

  • Reduced incidence of lung or respiratory-related illnesses

  • Reduced headaches, sinuses, coughs, and other allergy-related symptoms

  • Reduced throat and nasal illnesses

  • Less fatigue

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