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System Performance Report

High Desert Air Ductor is a reputable HVAC service provider that offers maintenance and repair services to residential and commercial customers. HDAD performs thorough, top to bottom system inspections for every system that is serviced.

High Desert Air Ductor uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to conduct inspections on customers' HVAC systems. The process involves looking at every part of the system and running some tests to ensure each part is working properly.

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What is a system performance report?

A system performance report is the compilation of all the data and information collected from our system inspections. This report shows the status and functionality of every significant part, creating a picture of the overall system health. This is how we determine what needs to be repaired. This also allows us to have the foresight to detect near future part failures and take the necessary  preventative measures to avoid system breakdowns. All the information helps determine every possible repair that can be done. Each repair is then categorized into one of three options, based on certain criteria, for the customer to choose. 

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Need To Do
This category includes repairs that are necessary immediately in order to fix the initial problem and get the system operating 

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Should Do
This category includes everything in the "Need To Do" category plus any repairs to bring the system back to manufacturer specifications and help avoid future repairs

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Could Do
This category includes everything in the "Should Do" category plus any repairs to achieve higher efficiency, comfort, and peace of mind.


Sometimes it may be discovered that the best solution would be to replace a system. In this scenario we would recommend getting an estimate appointment for replacement so a comfort advisor will visit to determine everything that would need to be done to install a new system.

When is a system performance report conducted?

It is our standard practice to perform thorough inspections and create a system performance report for every system that we service. This includes all seasonal preventative maintenance jobs as well as emergency system repair jobs. We are able to do this for every type of equipment with ease.

Why is it important?

The system performance report allows us to find all defective parts of a system and avoid future breakdowns. It is often that we also find some safety concerns that need to be corrected. This process is important to prevent future breakdowns and hefty emergency repair bills.

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