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Ultimate Savings Club

Smart consumers have known for many years that planned saving for college tuition, investments, or medical funds takes the crisis out of the crisis! Why? Because they can better plan their expenses. It's easier and it's smarter.

At High Desert Air Ductor, we take pride in offering a pocket friendly and easy-to-use maintenance agreement plan that provides several advantages for your home comfort needs. We have made it simple to eliminate the crisis HVAC repair bill by becoming a member of the HIGH DESERT AIR DUCTOR ULTIMATE SAVINGS CLUB.

Ultimate Savings Club Money Pile
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Statistically, it is almost a certainty that you will need a HVAC system repair within the next two years, so the Ultimate Savings Club is a wise choice. You save money while we maintain your home's total comfort, which reduces the chance of a crisis when you least expect it.


As an Ultimate Savings Club member, you will receive the following benefits

  • Two seasonal system start ups

  • Two seasonal System Performance Reports

  • 15% discounts on replacement parts

  • 15% discount on new equipment

  • 15% discount on services

  • 10% discount on heat load / loss calculations

  • Priority scheduling over non USC members

  • Never pay overtime rates

  • Save money on utility costs

  • Satisfy the requirements for extended warranties 

  • Peace of mind

  for only $7.50/mo per system 

* minimum of two systems

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